Wood Closet Organizers

Wood Closet Organizers

A well structured and organized closet brings peace of mind and keeps everything in its place. If looking for a home improvement project, closets often offer a great opportunity, as they are easily ignored and turn into catch-alls for various things like books, blankets, pillows or old and unwanted clothes. Investing in some stylish wood closet organizers can be a boost for mood and cleanliness by itself. By assigning a place for every possession worth spending space on, each closet can be divided into a functional and usable space.

Organizing and finishing off a closet can be a matter of painful trial-and-error. Some people enjoy trying several organizational set-ups and discovering what really works according to the needs. Nevertheless, mostly it is pretty painful to set up and take down on closet set-up after closet set-up. Therefore several wooden closet organizers are offered and manufactured by a range of different companies as a simple and stylish storage solution.

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Depending on space and budget, there are options for reach-in and walk-in wood closet organizers. While starting around $100 for the budget version, walk-in assemblies, start much higher around $600. They can be found at “Solid Wood Closets” on sale while the regular price begins at $999. In these elegant designs eco-friendly wood is used in these wood closet organizer systems which offer a beautiful variety of wood colors from cherry to dark and rich espresso. The quality brushed nickel hardware gives the wood closet organizer a classy look. Overall the system is simple to install and allows a great utilization of available space.

Unfortunately not every apartment or house can accommodate the walk-in option, so there are plenty of systems out there for reach-in wood closet organizers. Luckily most of the big department stores carry several different systems. In most stores “John Louis Home Organizer Systems” can be found, which also offers a wide variety of colors like honey maple finish or mahogany. These systems allow plenty of storage space, including shelf and hanging space. The costs of these wood closet organizers vary widely between the different systems, but can be as low as $100. But even here prizes can go up to $500 depending on the requirements. Normally all systems are easy to install and are flexible to customize the system according to needs. It has multiple set-ups and the different storage areas can be adjusted to accommodate all kinds of cloths like pants, shirts or in addition purses and shoes. Even bedding or towels might find their appropriate and comfortable to find space there and can get organized easily.