Why Choose Porto Furniture Range?

Porto furniture range

The Porto furniture range offers a thick frame and consistency in color that could easily blend with a room that has a rustic theme. This is perfect if you want a natural and classic touch to your home, cabin or farmhouse.

The Products

The products of the Porto furniture range is ideally made for the bedroom, guestroom or a child’s room. Its range of furniture includes beds, trunks, bookshelves, wardrobe cabinets, sideboards, desk and stools, mirrors and lamp tables.


The primary material used in the Porto furniture range is pine. This gives it a light and fine appearance that gives off an appealing aura to a bedroom. In addition, pine provides the furniture the resilience that it needs to last over years of use and even harsh conditions posed by the weather.

Then, dark-painted metals are used to highlight its bends, hinges and nails. The action points like handles, locks and knobs are also well-defined so the owner can easily identify them.


The method employed for this rustic furniture range is a manual tongue and groove boarding to give its frame a strong base and body.  Dovetail jointing is used in its drawers and other connecting parts as well to make it sturdier.


The main advantage that you could get is the beauty brought about by the furniture’s light and simplistic design. It will definitely make any room warm and inviting in nature.

This will offer you a great way to organize your things too with its variety of furniture for storage. Thus, there’s no need to worry anymore where you can stuff your winter wear, curtains, sheets, your children’s toys and other bulky items.

Next, the bed it offers is strong enough to handle any weight but it can provide utmost convenience to its users also.

Lastly, the maintenance of the Porto furniture range is easy because its smooth surface will enable you to easily wipe off dust. It is easy to move around as well due to its lighter weight as compared to the heavier oak-made furniture.