Walk Behind Brush Cutter

Walk Behind Brush Cutter

A walk behind brush cutter is a machine used for cutting and trimming the toughest weeds and brush in your yard. This machine is made to cut brush as tall as 8 feet and it never has an issue. These machines are made durable so they can’t be broken. Tires are made extra strong and the whole deck system is made to adjust to rough terrain. If you recently moved into your own home and the grass was growing wild and you had no idea what was out in the back yard, this is where having a walk behind brush cutter comes in handy. You can get out, start the equipment up and you’re on your way to a better looking yard.

peco brush blazer
Outback is one of the best known companies for making a walk behind brush cutter. Their Billy goat brush cutters have reverse and 3 speed settings. Their machines are equipped with a rear cable guard to protect any kind of debris that may come flying out. Their nice handle grips make it easy steer and operate the machine. The price ranges for these machines range from $2,200-$2,900. Most decks can cut up to 20 inches, maybe higher.

Another popular machine company is Swisher. This company builds the same kind of equipment as Outback, but they make their models a little cheaper. Swisher models may have a four speed transmission. The blades are made out of steel so they can endure the toughest cutting and trimming. The deck ranges are around 24 inches. All walk behind brush cutters made from swisher come with large pneumatic tires for better maneuverability. The prices for these cutters range from $1,400-$2,100.

The last company to mention is called Peco. They are known for making the brush blazer. The brush blazer is a different kind of walk behind brush cutter. This machine looks a little different than some of the brush cutters. This machine almost looks like a stump grinder, but it is not. The brush cutting system is 2 half inch thick with steel discs that contain 3 hammers. It also has a 48” cutting width that is a lot bigger than most other machines. This machine also has different control settings so you can tell it what you want it to do. These machines are the most expensive out there and they retail for around $10,000. Just remember they are top of the line, they come with extended warranties, and they get the job done right.

This machine beats any lawn mower because it is made for the toughest jobs. You would want to purchase this machine even if you have a lawn mower because sometimes your old lawn mower can’t cut down thick brush and weeds. Buying any kind of machine like this whether is big or small, it will make life easier. No one wants to be out there dragging brush piles or getting poked with thorns, these fast “mulching” machines get it all done with one quick sweep.