Used Zero Turn Mowers

Used Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn lawnmowers are appealing to many people who desire to maintain well-kept lawns. The zero turn technology gives a lawn a professional look by cutting the grass in a uniform manner and by cutting down on mowing time by virtue of its efficient turning and trimming abilities. Some people, however, are daunted by the cost of purchasing a zero turn lawnmower. One solution is to purchase used zero turn mowers that still have life in them but that will not drain the bank account.used zero turn mowersFor example, the Toro TimeCutter Z4200 is considered by some experts to be a professional-quality lawnmower available in a residential size. Brand new, the mower will cost around $2,500, but if one buys used zero turn mowers of this make and model, the cost should be around $1,000-$1,500. This particular mower is said to be comfortable, easy to use, and capable of bagging and mulching. Purchasing this mower is a good idea for someone new to zero turn technology.

The name “John Deere” has become synonymous with quality. New John Deere equipment can be costly, but buying a John Deere EZtrak Z225 does not have to bankrupt a customer. Retailing around $2,800, John Deere used zero turn mowers can cost only around $2,000. Some would, perhaps, balk at the additional $500 one might pay when purchasing this mower instead of the TimeCutter, but this mower has more precision settings in regards to cutting height and seat position. It is also a John Deere, which means immediate brand recognition. Beginners should also have no trouble using this mower as it is similar in size and power to the Toro model.

Swisher is the company that first developed zero turn technology, so buying Swisher used zero turn mowers should be a good investment. The Swisher ZT2660 retails for around $3,800, but it offers more power than the previous two models and has a few more luxuries. Its cutting deck is also larger, which is helpful for quickly cutting large lawns. Used, it costs around $3,000, which is still a good buy if you want the extra power and customization options. This mower should be purchased by those who already have experience with zero turn technology as it can be difficult to handle to those new to the driving method.

Purchasing used zero turn mowers can save money and time for those interested in professional-looking lawn care. However, the most important aspect of purchasing a zero turn lawnmower is to take personal preferences and needs into account before reaching a purchasing decision. Research these and other different types and brands to achieve maximum product satisfaction and to avoid buyer’s remorse.