Types of Built-In Oven that You Can Install in Your Kitchen

built-in oven


Before running to the store to purchase a built-in oven for your kitchen, it is important for you to know its various types first. This will let you plan carefully what to buy and help you in narrowing your choices in order to arrive at the most ideal one for your home.

To aid you in selecting the best built-in oven, here are the types that you should know about:

1. Electric Single Oven                                                                                                               

The electric single oven is perfect for a small kitchen. With only a height of 60cm, this will save you a lot of space which will leave you plenty of room to move around and more room for your kitchen appliances. Another advantage of having an oven that runs on electricity is that it is capable of maintaining an even temperature which is perfect if you love baking.

2. Electric Double Ovens

Electric double ovens are great if you love making huge cakes or if you like cooking multiple dishes at the same time. Similar to the one above, this is great in maintaining an even temperature for the food being cooked. However, this can go up to 72cm in height so you should have a lot of space in your kitchen to accommodate the heavy piece of equipment.

3. Gas Single Oven

A gas single oven has the same functionality as its electric counterpart. But as compared to it, this one is cheaper to operate since it only requires gas. This means that you will surely save a lot money while cooking. However, the installation of this one requires a professional to ensure that there are no leaks from its pipe. Also, it is not as effective as an electric oven in distributing heat over the food being cooked.

4. Gas Double Ovens

Gas double ovens have obviously more functions than the gas single oven. But like double electric ovens, this one can have a height of 72cm. Then, you need a professional to install it especially the pipes for the gas.