Tree Stump Removal Techniques

Tree stump removal can be a difficult, time consuming, and even hazardous process. Fortunately, there are many different tree stump removal techniques which can vary in the amount of time they take, the necessary tools, and the physical strength necessary to successfully execute them.

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The usage of stump remover chemical is probably the safest and easiest of all tree stump removal techniques. Unfortunately, it can also take weeks to successfully complete. In this method, one must first drill a circle of large holes into the stump. These holes should run about four inches into the stump at a 45 degree angle, intersecting at the ends. The stump remover chemical is poured into these holes, followed by water, and the stump then rots away over the course of a few weeks.

A moderately difficult, but much faster, tree stump removal technique uses a stump grinder. Ideally, the stump itself will be cut down as far as possible beforehand, using a chainsaw or manual tools. Then, the stump grinder will be used on the stump until it is at least a few inches below surface level, and the stump will be covered over.

Finally, the most labor intensive of the tree stump removal techniques is manual removal. This can be an option for a smaller tree stump, or more fragile, softer wood. With this method, you will use either an ax or a mattock to chop the stump down a few inches into the ground.

Regardless of the technique that is chosen, it is always important to exercise care and vigilance when working with tools.