Tree Stump Grinder Rental

Removing a tree stump is a simple task, when the proper tools are at hand. The stumps from small bushes and trees can usually be dug out of the ground with a shovel and a landscaping bar. Large stumps can be removed by using a chemical to hasten the natural decomposition process. However, the chemicals can take several weeks or months to complete the decomposition of the stump. Stump grinders are useful tools that can easily remove several large stumps in a short amount of time.
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Finding a stump grinder for rental is quite easy as many home improvement shops, nurseries and tool rental businesses will have at least one of them in their inventory. The cost of renting a 10 HP stump grinder is generally between $175 and $250 for a 24-hour period. Small stump grinders are capable of removing a few stumps per day and larger jobs will require a heavy-duty grinder. A 31 HP stump grinder rental can be had for $250 to $300 per day and is useful for removing several large stumps per day.

Using a stump grinder rental will be adequate for the occasional stump removal job, especially when considering the cost of purchasing a new stump grinder. While a small 10 HP grinder can be purchased for $2,500, the price of a larger grinder can easily exceed $6,000. The most common expense of owning a stump grinder is the purchase of new cutter teeth. The teeth become damaged by rocks during normal operation and can only be sharpened a few times before they are rendered unserviceable. The cost of a replacement tooth is about $16 and large stump grinders can have 20 or more teeth. The cost of sharpening or replacing the cutter teeth is not incurred when using a rental stump grinder.