Tree Removal Equipment

Tree removal can be a big hassle or an easy cost effective project. Many things factor into this to make it work smoothly such as; adequate tree removal equipment, man power, and weather conditions. Weather is a big thing to consider when going about tree removal, the wind is the biggest factor, it can turn a small tree into a devastating weapon. Using ropes to tie the tree off to an automobile, and using the automobile to pull in the direction you want the tree to fall is a good technique to insure more safety. The height of the tree is another factor to consider, being off by as little as one foot can cause big problems when the tree falls. When removing extensively large or tall trees it is recommended that professionals are called in to ensure your safety.

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Tree Removal Equipment

Tree removal equipment can range in size and cost , but the most basic tree removal equipments needed are: Chainsaw, ladder or lift, rope, safety eqiptment, truck or trailer, and pole saws or tree loppers. Tree removal equipment can be very cost effective or very expensive based on size and the specific piece of eqipment. Chainsaws can range in price from $90 – $270 based on the size of the motor and length of the bar. Ladders have a wide range of cost specified by it length, prices range from $80 – $400, the average rental cost of a scissor lift can range from $120 – $170 per day or $400 – $700 per week or $1,400 – $1,600 per month. The rope has to be very sturdy and heavy duty these ropes can cost up to $200 depending on the brand. The biggest part of the cost of tree removal is the transportation for hauling the equipment and the trees after they have been cut. Average truck and trailer cost can range wider than all of the eqipment combined any where from a couple thousand up to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size of the truck and the model and the size.