Tree Removal Cost Factors

If you have ever had a tree fall on your house you probably know the headaches of tree removal. Maybe, a branch has fallen or your do not want to risk your home to the potential destruction of tree damage. That is where tree removal costs come in. How much does tree removal cost? There are many determining factors in the cost of tree removal. The cost of tree removal may can be as much as thousands of dollars to remove an old growth tree close to a home and a little as hundred dollars to remove a tree that small and requires little work in the removal process.

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Size Factors in Tree Removal Pricing

When looking for tree removal cost, the size of the tree is considered. With different sized trees it can mean more or less work therefore this is an important factor that is considered. If a work crew has to climb the tree to take it down piece by piece starting from the crest, it will cost significantly more to have it removed. Some bigger trees can cost as much as $3,000 or more to have them removed.

Weight Factors in Tree Removal Cost

The weight is another determining factor for tree removal pricing that should be considered. There are many different types of trees and they can make a difference in the weight of having a tree removed. If the tree’s debris will be removed from the property entirely it is often priced by the tonnage to have it disposed of. An old growth hardwood will weight a lot more than a younger softwood tree such as spruce and it will cost much more to have it removed. Many people may want to keep the hardwood for firewood or other purposes and this can save on the removal cost.

Location of the Tree to Be Removed and Cost of Tree Removal

Location is probably one of the most important factors in the cost of tree removal. There can be a big difference in considering the price of removing a tree depending on where it is located. A tree that is closer to a building and big will cost at $1,000.00 to remove, if not more. There is a lot more work involved to protect a building from damage during removal of a tree that is too close. The cost of climbing the tree and preparations will drive the price of tree removal up. These are the things that are considered in tree removal cost.