Travel Pillow

Travel Pillows

Gone may be the days of grabbing your favorite pillow off your bed to take with you on a trip. Most bed pillows are bulky and take up a lot of room in the automobile, but no trip should be without a comfortable pillow to rest the head on or support the back.

Thanks to creative thinking through those who believed there must an easier and more comfortable way to rest or take naps while traveling, there are many companies now marketing travel pillows.

These travel pillows come in several different shapes and sizes, with different functions for comfort. There are horse shoe shaped pillows to relax and support the neck while also helping relax the shoulder muscles. Temper-pedic brand neck pillows come in a removable and washable cover with dust mite and allergy resistant fabrics. They may run in the price range of seventy-nine dollars.

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Other U-shaped pillows such as those offered by Brookstone may be filled with cushiony micro beads that provide support to the neck and spine while also cushioning the head. These pillows may be in the price range of around twenty-five dollars and are covered with Napsoft Luxe material.

Memory foam neck, shoulder and head pillows from Walmart may range in price from ten dollars to sixteen dollars. These will usually be covered with a removable machine washable cotton and polyester cover.
For people experiencing discomfort in the lumbar area, lumbar cushion travel pillows are shaped specifically to provide ease and comfort. These little comfy pillows could range in price from forty-nine to fifty-nine dollars and you may find some of them shaped like a peanut for better comfort and positioning.

For therapeutic comfort, certain companies market magnetic travel pillows. These pillows are embedded with magnets to help relieve neck and shoulder pain and tension. Its therapeutic benefits can help soothe headaches and increase blood circulation. The covering of these pillows is an anti-microbial material which helps to eliminate harmful allergens. Germ guard protection is also included in the fabric to kill bacteria and germs. The cover is also washable. The price range is around fifty-five dollars.

Don’t forget the children when it comes to travel pillows. Magellans offers U-shaped travel buddy pillows designed to support a child’s neck and head while napping during travel. These buddies are made of removable soft polyester hypoallergenic material. You may find them for prices as low as seven to fourteen dollars.  When it’s time to travel, travel in comfort. Find a pillow that fits you.