Top Garage Door Openers that You Can Use

garage door opener

If you want to do away with the manual way of opening up your garage, then it is about time for you to install an electronic garage door opener. But which one should you get for your home?

Here are the top garage door openers that are recommended for you due to their performance, functionality and positive feedbacks from users:

1. Chamberlain Whisper Drive

Chamberlain Whisper Drive

The main feature of this product is its quiet operation as its name Whisper Drive implies. This will save your ears from the irritating noise brought about by cranking gears and vibrating metal. The quiet performance of the product can be attributed to its advanced Motor Vibration System (MVIS) that comes with its 1/2 HP mechanism. The device comes with two remotes, wireless keypad, console for the controls and safety sensors to ensure its top of the line performance and function as well.

Add to the features of Whisper Drive a lifetime warranty for its engine and 10 year warranty for its belt which will guarantee that any defect or problem with the product will be covered by Chamberlain. This has garnered a majority of good reviews from users and has made it in the top position of the best garage door openers out there so this is highly recommended for you.

2. Liftmaster 3800 Residential Jackshaft


One good thing about the 3800 is that it offers a wide range of accessories that will boost its performance. This is also cheaper as compared to other alternatives, but a little more expensive than the Whisper Drive. The product is made up of sturdy parts which make it ideal for heavy duty use if you have a huge garage door. It comes equipped with a twin sprocket that provides control the speed that you open your garage.

Also, unlike the first one, it only has a one year warranty for its engine and other parts. However this is very much recommended especially if you have a huge garage door and various user reviews have given this a positive score due to its performance and functionality.

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