Top Antique Furniture Range That You Can Choose From

La roque style

An antique furniture range is becoming more popular these days because of its versatility and its ability to add elegance and style into any room. By simply putting an antique table or dresser in a room, you can see how it will transform any room from dull to elegant. Before you run to the nearest antique store near you, however, you have to choose which range of furniture you want to get your materials from.

Here are some of the options you can select:

1. French White  Furniture Range

french white

If you love Paris and I am sure everyone does, then this is a good range of furniture that you can check out. The furniture in this range is designed with 18th century France in mind. For most stores, the French White is their most popular furniture range.

Since it’s called French White, you can expect that the furniture will be painted in white or ivory to add that crisp, vintage and classy look into any room. They are polished but not too much that it will look like something from the modern range. A simple display cabinet can cost $400.

2. Oxfordshire Furniture Range


Still a fan of Europe but not of French furniture? Then, journey into Britain’s palaces and country homes. This range of furniture combines the elegance of British antique and the homey feeling of a log cabin. The furniture in this range is made of oak and they are finished with antique bronze handles.

If you have a country house that needs designing, this is the best range of furniture to thresh out the natural and simple appeal of woods and fireplaces. This range of furniture is more expensive than French White. Expect to shell out $800 for a display cabinet.

3. Queen Anne Furniture Range

queen ann range

Furniture under this range are greatly influenced by the 1700s. It is often crafted with walnut, cherry and maple wood, and uses cabriole style legs and pad foot for its base. Since it would be very expensive to purchase an actual Queen Anne antique, many manufacturers came out with designs that project the same elegance and style like the Queen Anne furniture of the 1700s.

If you have a European-inspired house, this is a perfect antique furniture range that certainly rises to the occasion. You can get a Queen Anne-designed dresser for only $500.

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