Top 3 Home Humidifiers that You Can Choose From


Home humidifiers are important. These products help regulate the moisture content in a room to help prevent too much humidity which in turn causes condensation. Condensation in the area can cause a lot of problems like mildew, molds and other unwanted microorganisms that may compromise the health of the people in the home as well as damage to property.

So, if you are looking to regulate the moisture content in any room of your home, particularly the basement where condensation is likely to occur, check out the top 3 home humidifiers featured here:

1. Ace SuperDryer62 Heavy Duty Portable

The Ace SuperDryer62’s features may look like it is intended for commercial use due to its heavy duty built that even comes with a pump. However, this ideal for home use too, especially the ones with large rooms. In terms of performance, the equipment is capable of gathering 65 pints of moisture on a 24-hour period. It is also easy to use because of its rubber grips, wheels and detachable container. Another mode of liquid disposal is via its hose that can be directly connected to a drain. However, some users complain about its loud sound when being used on high performance. So, a remedy for it is by running the motor on low only to eliminate the noise.

2. Whirlpool Gold

The Whirlpool Gold also comes with a heater. The unit can eliminate as much as 50 pints of moist in a straight 24-hour operation. Unlike the first one, this is much quieter. In addition, its fan can automatically adjust when its sensors already detect a lower moisture content in the area where it is being used. But one problem about the product is that its fan does not automatically turn off.

3. Soleus Air CFM-25E

This Soleus Air model is only intended for homes. It can effectively store up to 25 pints in a 24-hour operation. Aside from its performance, it has power-saving features as well. On a minimum performance, it can only consume 22W. Add to its benefits its quiet motor and easy to use control panels. Lastly, the unit is very light which makes it very convenient to carry around from one area to another.