Tips to prepare your home for winter

Snowy house

Now that fall will end soon and the winter approaches, your home must be prepared for the cold season. This is the best time to run a general checkup to your home to prevent major damage to your property. Below are ways on how you can protect your investment.

Gutters and drainage spouts must be cleaned. Remove leaves, debris or sticks in the gutters/spouts to ensure that melting snow can flow properly.

Check your roof. Inspect for any sign of cracks, loose shingles, or sign of damage. Trim heavy branches that can damage your roof.

Inspect your home windows and doors. Fix any loose windows and replace the damage ones and door frames.

Clean or replace the furnace filter, if needed.

Inspect all the areas in your home, including electric wiring, fire alarms and for any water leaks in order for problems be fixed immediately and everything will be operating properly.

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