Tips in cleaning your closet this Spring


Spring has finally arrived and with the warmer weather, this is the best time to organize and clean your closet. Below are tips on how to de-clutter your closet.

  1. Be inspired in cleaning your closet and focus on the outcome. According to Deirdre Pursel, owner of Organize & Edit, “getting into the right frame of mind is key”.
  2. Small items can be placed on a stylish tray.
  3. Repair your favorite clothes, bags or shoes. Replace buttons if needed or modify the clothes in order to look as new again.
  4. Plunge your make up brushes in boiling water to remove the bacteria. Just ensure that the handles of the brush won’t melt while doing that.
  5. Host a garage sale. By doing this, you can remove your unused clothes in the closet and have money at the same time.
  6. Go shopping. Since you already have a space in your closet, you deserve some new outfits for your outdoor events this season.

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