Tiled Showers

Tiled Showers

For beautiful tiled showers there is a variety of options. The hardest part is choosing which tile and size. Individuals may want a solid color reflective of the rest of the bathroom, or they may want color and design. Mosaic tiles can add color and design.

As a rule, the mosaics are used as trim or center pieces. However, multi-colored tile can be used entirely for tiled showers. Although, the small pieces will require more work. There can be a mixture however. Start out with the traditional natural stone, such as granite or even travertine and tile half way. Then place a band of colored stones with a centered pattern at eye level. Finish the rest with the same tile or use a smaller size and color.

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Large tile will give the appearance of a bigger space. Natural stone may require sealant to prevent water absorption. Subsequently, less grout is used, as well, with the large tile pieces. Marble is also a popular natural stone, which is ideal for tiled showers.

Working with stone or porcelain does require some skill, and specialized cutting equipment. Therefore, prefabricated shower stalls may be an option. They are not tiled showers, but rather a heavy material that is fashioned at the factory. The stall typically comes with a basin, doors and side panels.

The advantages to this system are it can be installed in a matter of hours, in virtually any space. As a rule, the panels are attached using an adhesive to the wall. This technique ensures it is sealed against water damage by not having any holes in the panels. The material is easily cleaned and maintained. The typical stall will have built in shelves and soap holders.

The disadvantages are of course, it is not stone and will not have that natural look. The panels can vibrate, and create noise when water from the shower sprays against the walls. The individual installing the panels has to ensure the proper amount of adhesive is used and spread evenly. Otherwise, the wall panels may develop bubbles in them.