Tile Shower Designs

Tile Shower Designs

Tile shower designs can be made from materials such as marble, stone, glass, porcelain, and cobblestone. The two most popular tiles used in the shower include glazed and porcelain ceramic tile. Tile can come in dark, bright, and even neutral colors. Some colors can also be mixed and matched to offer a unique pattern. Bathroom tile shower designs can be made up of different sizes and shapes such as round, diamond, and rectangle. Tile can also be custom made into murals that when put together they form a picture of items such as flowers or grass. To save money a person can also choose to purchase white tile and paint it using a design or color of his or her choice. A person can also use the bordered effect where they can arrange a series of tiles around a shower piece to form a border. The chair rail effect can also be used in which two different tile designs are used on the top and bottom half of the shower wall.
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Tile shower designs can be purchased from home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes. Tile can be puchased individually or in bulk. Tile that is made from stone is higher quality and tends to be more expensive than tile made from ceramic. Ceramic tile can cost between one to three dollars per square foot while stone tiles can cost five dollars and up per square foot. If a person chooses to install bathroom shower tile by his or herself they can save a great deal of money. Installation fees can cost from $300 to $500 dollars a day. The money can add up fairly quickly. A person should also anticipate how much tile they will need and must make sure to have extra pieces in case the tile gets cracked or damaged in the future.

Popular and affordable tile shower design brands include Del Conca, Sedona, and American Oleander. Del Conca 6″ by 6″ Rialto in beige or white colors can cost as low as $0.88 a tile and give a tumbled marbled appearance. Del Conca Agora 4″ by 4″ starts as $0.33 a tile. Sedona Classic 6″ by 6″ cedar glazed porcelain wall tile also costs $0.88 a tile and offers an Italian design and feel. American Olean 6″ by 6″ Cabot Station wheat ceramic wall tile starts at $0.65 and each tile has its own variation of shade and texture.

Some top rated higher brands for tile shower designs include Elida Ceramica which starts at $10.00 per 4″ by 4″ tile and $18.98 by 12″ by 12″ tile. Elida Ceramica offers a glass mosiac appearance. The Solistone 10 pack 11″ by 11″ freeform glass wall tile starts at $240.00. It features black or white stones that are encased in glass that is infused with color.