Tile ideas for your Bathroom

Tiles are a perfect finishing touch to any bathroom, adding colour and style to one of the most visited rooms in your home. Tiling can also be one of the most expensive aspects of a new bathroom, so it is important to choose the right tiles which will not date and will be continue to look fresh and stylish.

Installing a new shower, bath, sanitary ware and tiles can be costly, so you need to ensure that you have adequate insurance, and likewise the cost of a plumber and replacements for any part of your bathroom can be difficult to meet on your own. With buildings and contents insurance from Direct Line you can rest assured that in the event of an accident you are fully covered; shop around for reliable home insurance quotes and select the right policy for you.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the standard choice for any bathroom and come in a range of styles, sizes, colours and prices. There are many different tiling options available. Those looking to splash out can opt for floor-to-ceiling tiles, giving you a wall of colour and design, but at a price. You can also add borders to the design, which provide a clean finish and break up the wall of tiles.

Other popular options include having half-tiled and half-painted. This sees tiles used on all areas that may see moisture, typically up to the top of the sink line, with everything above being painted. This gives a contrasting approach to design and a variety of colours and finishes to the room.

The final option is a minimalist approach. This sees tiles only used where necessary, which will be within the shower enclosure, around the bath and above the sink. Covering the key areas of the bathroom ensures that the plasterboard cannot be damaged by water, while also giving you a mix of painted walls and tiled areas. This is also the cheapest option available because fewer tiles need to be purchased and less time spent on the bathroom renovation.

Tile Boards

Tile boards are less popular than their ceramic counterparts but considerably cheaper. They are basically PVC boards with a tiled appearance, available in a multitude of colours. These boards are then stuck to the back of a shower enclosure or on the wall to provide a quick and easy tiled appearance for a fraction of the price.

Tile boards are extremely easy to install. Simply cut your boards to the correct size and glue to the required area. A strong adhesive should be used to ensure that the board does not peel off, with pressure applied until it is fixed in place. They are also easier to clean, with no fear of the grout turning green in the future.