Things to consider in designing your kitchen


A good kitchen is often a good indicator of a good, well-balanced home. To ensure that your kitchen is designed beautifully is often the job of home designers but as a homeowner, you can still influence how it fits your personality. Let’s take a look at some simple tips to improve your kitchen design.

Plan carefully where to put those corners. Always ensure that you consider for the door clearance and swing direction in designing your kitchen. Appliances must be separated from corners and make sure that doors won’t be banging against each other if opened at the same time.

Use countertops. If you are the type who wants to cook more often, consider using more counter space between the sink and the range. It also comes handy if you bake and prepare your kids’ meals.

Minimize cleaning time. Cleaning up the kitchen can sometimes take hours. Careful design decisions can significantly cut cleaning time. Alwways consider materials that are easy to clean and try to weigh their advantages over the others when picking something. Matte finishes don’t show dirt compared to glossy ones. Flush-set or undermount sinks don’t feature a crumb-catching rim saving you from worry.

Look for a focal point. Make sure to choose a single focal point in your kitchen design and complement it with a few other quiter, eye-catching details. Sizeable range hoods, busy countertop patterns, bright kitchen cabinets, fancy floors, splashy tiles, can give the eye way too much to look at. Keeping it simple is not stupid after all.



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