Things to check to prevent garage fires


Home fires usually starts in a garage aside from the kitchen so this short note is a quick guide what things to check to prevent such fires from occurring.

  • Boilers and Water heaters – These two are usually stored in a garage and unfortunately a small spark is all it takes to start a fire. Make sure to secure them.
  • Flammable liquids like motor oil, gasoline, brake fluid, varnish, paint, lighter fluid, etc. Place any such liquids in a dry but safe place.
  • Oil and gasoline drips. Sometimes cars may develop leaks and any unnoticed flammable liquid can easily ignite a fire.
  • Keep your welding place distant from flammable materials. Any car repair inside the garage must be carefully planned to avoid sparks from touching flammable materials.

Fires can be safely prevented if we are careful enough but it will not hurt to keep a fresh fire extinguisher handy should there be one.

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