Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

For a good night sleep, it is important to have a comfortable pillow that fits your sleeping habit and position.  In order to find that perfect pillow you will need to choose a pillow that works for your sleeping style, which is basically the position you most easily fall asleep.   Generally, people grouped into 3 types of sleeping styles: back sleeper, side sleeper, and stomach sleepers.

The 3 styles of sleepers should each consider the firmness of the pillow in order to keep the back and neck in a comfortable position when you fall asleep.  It is generally considered that back sleepers should use a medium firmness pillow.  For side sleepers, you should look for pillow with more firmness to keep the neck and back straight.  And for stomach sleepers you probably want a softer pillow.

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Since you spend a third of all our time sleeping, it is important that you get a good nights sleep so that you can feel refreshed and continue the other two-thirds of your day. For people that sleep on your side, which is a large proportion of people, to get a good nights sleep it is necessary to find the pillow type that is the best pillow for side sleepers.

While firm pillows are good for people that sleep on their backs, it is better for a side sleeper to use a softer pillow that better cushions their head and neck. A traditional soft, plump pillow is usually sufficient but sometimes they just won’t work and a side sleep will need to branch out. So if that won’t work, what is the best pillow for side sleepers?

The best pillow for side sleepers is any pillow that can make room for the shoulder, which is another plus of a softer pillow. Since you are sleeping on your side, your shoulder will constantly make it harder to sleep, especially for men with large shoulders. Buying a pillow that is extremely soft, softer then a typical pillow, will allow your pillow the ability to cushion your shoulder and make it so that you can rest easier because you aren’t worrying about the discomfort caused by shoulders.

There are plenty of companies that sell specialized side sleeping pillows, and they are well worth the money. You will be able to get longer, more satisfying sleep so that you can have the energy to complete your daily tasks. You will also be able to get up easier in the morning because you actually got sleep instead of spending the night tossing and turning.