The Best Lawn Mowers that You Can Choose From

Taking care of your lawn is just as important as keeping the inside of your home clean. This is because your yard is the first thing that other people will notice as they arrive or pass by your place. As they say, “first impressions last”. So it is important to keep your garden attractive and your lawn well-manicured.

If you are looking for the best lawn mowers for different kinds of grasses, here are some that you can choose from:

1. Top Push Lawn Mower


If you are looking for the top push lawn mower, you might want to consider the Honda HRX217. This has an adjustable height, multiple functions and self-propel features.

Most users praise the product for its ability to last longer than other products too. Many have claimed that it is capable of lasting 5 years even after regular use. In addition, the unit can be easily maneuvered to avoid obstructions.

Among the drawbacks of this machine from Honda is its expensive price which is around $900. Then, some users encounter problems when cutting tall and thick types of grasses. Despite these, it has topped various review sites due to the overwhelming approval of its users.

2. Top Riding Lawn Mower

x304 john deere

For this category, I give the spot to the John Deere X304. This is because of its high performance, durability and ability to be maneuvered easily. It has a 22 HP engine with a 15-inch turn radius. Also, this is capable of handling multiple types of grasses whether they are thick or tall.

Notably the vehicle can cover up to 3.5 acres. If you have a very big yard or a farm type yard, this is something that you should buy for your property. Moreover, it can withstand the punishment brought about by uneven terrains and harsh weather conditions.

However, the price tag for the X304 is a bit heavy for the pocket because it is around $3,295. This may not be appealing too with an environmentally conscious customer because its emission system is not CARB compliant.

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