Summer maintenance checklist


Summer has already begun and this is the perfect season to check and get some maintenance done in the house before having outdoor activities or out of town trips. The items below needs to be checked to ensure that your home is ready for the rest of the year.

The most important thing to do is to tune up your air conditioning (AC) unit. The tune up includes checking the refrigerant levels of the unit and if the fan is still functioning well. Ensuring that your AC is working properly will also help reduce your electric bill.

The roof and gutters must be clean regularly to prevent from clogging or unwanted leaks.

Check and maintain your home windows. Ensure that all windows are all intact and secured. Use a small paintbrush in cleaning your window to avoid being damaged.

Also, ensure to wash the walls outside your home to preserve the cleanliness all around the house. Pressure wash the walls to remove dirt, mildew or stains.

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