Stylish front yard

landscaping ideasWe all want a stylish front yard but remember that beauty is in the eye from the beholder. Thou art the actual beholder; let’s start there… make sure you know your style.

Here are unusual scenery ideas for your yard.

 Tree lattice, this can be a variation on the style called the Belgium doublet. Plant youthful trees and shrubs at least  2 feet apart, however angle the trees and shrubs toward each other. Incorporate the trees and shrubs over as well as below, connect all of them exactly where they cross, cut a little bark.

Clean  the yard and grow herbs. These days more home owners look at their own yard and realize that it’s time for something new!  So, why not plant herbs in your yard rather than flowers and plants?  You can also plant vegetables as well as fruit bearing trees.

The nice thing about growing vegetable, fruit bearing trees and herbs is that there is the absolutely no mowing and trimming needed.  Now is the time to make your declaration.

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