Stainless steel shower caddy

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If you are looking to redesign your bathroom, then you need to check out a stainless steel shower caddy. These items are just the thing to liven up a dreary décor. There are plenty of style options available. What you need to do is consider what your requirements are and then take a look at what is available.

A lot of people have a misconception about these fantastic items. They think of a stainless steel shower caddy as a bland and boring item. The truth is that these bathroom accessories have become more and more popular. As such, there have been great advances to their design and functionality. The companies who produce them know that people demand excellence and therefore they are producing a great array of products.

The cheap models that you see in stores are not very strong. Some of them are only painted metal. These flake and chip. The reason that they are inexpensive is because they will not last as long as a quality product. Take a look at two of the best brands on the market and see the benefits of buying a quality stainless steel shower caddy.

Two of the best stainless steel shower caddy brands are OXO Good Grips and Simplehuman. They are moderately priced. The OXO brand sells a fine 3-tier stainless steel shower caddy for around $29.00. This model holds razors, toothbrushes, shampoo bottles and conditioner. It features non-slip design and suction cups.

The OXO brand is well known and produces an excellent line of products for the kitchen and bathroom. If the 3-tier design is not what you want, you can find a classic 2-tier design.

Simplehuman makes a great adjustable stainless steel showier caddy. The unit retails for around $43.00. The advantage of using an adjustable unit is that it can accommodate any type of shampoo bottle you use. The two shelves are completely adjustable and this means that you will never have a shampoo or conditioner bottle that won’t fit the unit.

The Simplehuman unit also comes with a toothbrush holder, a razor holder and two hooks that can be used for hanging a bath sponge or washcloth. There is also a place for a bar of soap. These additional features are very convenient. The model also comes with a 5-year warranty.