Sliding Closet Doors

Top Quality Sliding Closet Door Systems

Sliding closet doors add value to a home. When building a new home or remodeling choosing the correct sliding closet door system can help project a feeling of quality in a home. There are several types of sliding closet door systems. All of them utilize one of three possible sliding mechanisms.

• Top hanging sliding system

• Bottom Roller sliding system

• Combination top hanging and bottom sliding system

Top-hanging sliding closet doors are the easiest to move back and forth. On the downside, top hanging mechanisms have limitations on how much each sliding door can weigh. That limits the material you can use for door construction.

Bottom-Rolling sliding closet doors can manage much heavier doors, such as solid or engineered wood doors. The best quality sliding closet doors have both the top sliding system and a guide roller at the bottom. This type of sliding door system is the most efficient and therefore the best at sound reduction.

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In addition to the different types of sliding mechanisms, there is a choice to make on how many doors will slide and where they will slide. The least preferable setup for sliding doors is that in which on door stays static, not moving. This eliminates as much as 50% of the entrance space into the closet or room on the other side of the sliding doors. The best solution is a sliding pocket door arrangement. Pocket doors slide into the walls on either side of the closet opening. When moved fully the sliding door has disappeared completely.

Most sliding door systems are installed by building or remodeling contractors. There are a few national brand name companies providing complete, ready to install sliding door systems. The best known of these is the Marvin Window and Door Company. Specialty Doors is another well known brand.