Sleep Apnea Pillow

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects millions of people each year. Many people who were fine in their youth find that sleep apnea creeps up on them in their middle age and it tends to affect more men than women. Essentially sleep apnea occurs during a person’s natural sleep cycle and comes in the form of excessive breaks in breathing as many as 20-30 per hour. These lapses in breathing can cause serious problems for the individual and the top problem is lack of good sleep which can lead to problems functioning, concentrating, and even serious health problems that can affect the quality of your life.There are several treatments available to help individuals address their sleep apnea problem, however none are quite as easy or as inexpensive as purchasing a sleep apnea pillow. Sleep apnea pillows work well to help a person reposition their head and this in turn will reduce the pressure on the soft palette and the throat as well. The gradual slope of this type of pillow can really work wonders and help those with sleep apnea get a more restful night’s sleep.
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When looking to purchase a sleep apnea pillow you will likely want to consider the type of pillow that will work best for you. To begin with you will want to consider whether you will be wearing a oxygen mask to sleep in at night or not. Some sleep apnea pillows can accommodate oxygen masks while others are simple wedge pillows. The pillows that have the dips in the middle are those that will work well for individuals who are sleeping with oxygen masks on. Of course, these are usually a bit more costly then those that are just simple wedges.

There are many online retailers that specialize in sleep apnea pillows and other standard retailers that carry these specialty items as well. Since sleep apnea is a growing problem these corrective pillows can be found even in regular retail stores like JC Penny or any store where pillows are sold. The cost of these pillows will of course depend on the style and fabric that you select with cotton fiber pillows being the most preferred because they work well in the heat and in the cold as well. Prices on these pillows are similar to purchasing a higher quality pillow and can run anywhere from $30 or $40 up to $300 on the high end through medical supply companies and sleep apnea specialty stores.

Purchasing a corrective pillow is a wise investment before taking more extreme measures to reduce and eliminate your sleep apnea. Most doctors do recommend this as the first course of action for those with sleep apnea.