Simple steps to bug-proof your home


It is a known fact that it’s not easy to bug proof your house. By the time you notice a cockroach or other insect getting inside, it may already be too late. Consider below steps to eliminate or minimize the chances that pests will reside in your home.

Seal all the doors in your home. A locked door does not only keep burglars out, but it will also make pests difficult to get in. Install tight-fitting thresholds and door sweeps to all doors.

Any cracks must be sealed. Inspect the interior and exterior of your home to ensure that all cracks will be sealed.

Add screens in windows and doors. These will not prevent the fresh air from coming in but it will keep the pests from getting in. Installation of screens is simple and only needs basic tools.

Clean your yard regularly.

Seal around utility lines and appliance vents.

Fix any leaks found at home.

Always keep your kitchen clean.

Ensure that food are sealed properly.

Throw the garbage regularly.


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