Shower Stalls For Small Bathrooms

Shower Stalls for Small Bathrooms

If you are installing an additional bathroom or remodeling one, choosing the right shower is an important decision. If the bathroom space is cramped or if you do not like bathtubs then a shower stall is the perfect solution. Shower stalls for small bathrooms can either be prefabricated or custom built. Prefabricated stalls do not require much technical skills to install. Custom built tile stalls need a professional to construct it from scratch.

Most homeowners prefer to use prefabricated shower stalls because of the ease of installing it. An ordinary handyman can set it up. Or, it could be done as a DIY project. Prefab stalls also cost less than a tile shower. The average cost for fiberglass prefab stall can be a few hundred dollars. For a custom built tile shower, the cost can run to $3,000 not including the doors. This is why most homeowners prefer the prefabricated shower stalls for small bathrooms for budget bathroom remodeling.
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There are numerous options for shower stalls for small bathrooms these days. The stalls come in various styles, designs, colors and materials. Most prefab showers come in fiberglass, tempered glass or acrylic. Prefab units can be square, circular, quadrant, rectangle or semi-circular enclosures.

In choosing shower stalls for a limited space bathrooms, it is important to look for units that are not cramped. It should provide ample space for an individual to shower. The enclosure should not be dark too. It should feel light and airy. This is important because the bathing experience should be enjoyable and relaxing. Stalls with neutral light colors like cream and beige are great choices.

Some major brands selling shower stalls for small bathrooms include: American Standard, Mustee, Clarke Products, Sterling, Maax, Swanstone, Diamond Spas and AquaGlass. These are the leading manufacturers of bathroom fixtures such as pre-made stalls. They offer a wide range of shower enclosures in all shapes, designs and sizes including special showers with handicapped access.

There are shower only stall models like the American Standard 38”x38” model which costs around $395. AquaGlass offers a 76”H X 36”W at similar price range from $387 to $500. You can expect to pay prefab shower units in this price range. For cheaper units, you may like Mustee Durastall which is a free standing 32”X32” stall. It costs around $130. This is probably one of the cheapest brands you can find.

Shower stalls for small bathrooms are usually economical, attractive, easy to assemble, versatile and durable units. They do not need a lot of maintenance. Using an ordinary household shower cleaner would suffice in keeping it spic and span. They may be prone to the usual wear and tear but they do last a long time if properly maintained.