Shower Pans

Shower Pans

Shower pans are also known as shower basins and are a great foundation and act as the base of a shower stall. They are perfect for remodeling a bathroom and provide a sturdy foundation. However, there are several things to look for when purchasing a basin for your shower. There are numerous options available when it comes to shower pans.

Things to consider when you are looking to purchase one are the material, the manufacturer, the style, the color, drain position and the size of your shower enclosure. Normally shower bases are constructed from materials that are durable and waterproof such as acrylic and fiberglass, which are popular. Also there are tile basins and some are made from molded materials like stone.

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The feature that make shower pans cost more is the material that is use to make it and the quality of the manufacturer. For instance, acrylic and fiberglass pans are similar in looks, but they do have differences. Although acrylic may cost less, fiberglass is sturdier. However, both acrylic and fiberglass pans are less expensive than those made from molded or ceramic materials. Nevertheless, depending on the amount of usage fiberglass and acrylic pans will not last as long as ceramic or molded pans. The most durable and expensive material for a shower basin is china or stone.

It is well worth it to look for a high quality material that is stain and scratch resistant, as well having a slip resistant surface when looking to purchase a shower pan. The typical cost depends various factors such as the size and style and can range anywhere in price from $200 to $800. Some major name brand shower pans include Delta, Crane, Swanstone, Sterling, Kohler, Jacuzzi, and American Standard. Tile Ready is an industry leader in shower products that are ready to tile.