Shower Pan Liner

Shower Pan Liner

Installing a shower pan liner is important because the tile and grout on the floor of the shower is not waterproof. The grout soaks-up moisture and allows water to penetrate under the tile. Placing a liner in the shower area will protect the floor from water damage and will prevent expensive repairs in the future. Not installing a liner or having a leaky shower pan linerwill result in tile damage and other harm to the house.
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There are three options for installing a shower pan liner. You can install a fiberglass liner, a liner that is tile ready, or you can install a liner the traditional way, which is a masonry construction.

The cost for installing a shower pan liner will vary depending on the type of liner that you choose. It is recommended that you check the cost for each option and get information on the best solution available before contracting or attempting to DIY.

To properly install a shower pan or floor liner, you will need to follow these simple instructions:

1. First, center the liner in the shower,

2. Fold the excess liner in one corner and nail it to the frame at the upper edge.

3. Work around from corner to corner nailing the liner to the frame along the
upper edges. Do not pull the liner too tight or and make sure that it is flat on the floor.

4. Place a mark on the heads of the drain bolts where they touch the liner

5. Moving from bolt to bolt, carefully cut the liner in a circular tracing the inside of the

6. Use a sealant to seal the underside of the liner to the top of the drain-assembly plate,
then seal the top of the base plate.

7. Mix cement to required consistency and dump into a pan.

8. Pack the cement 2-3 inches thick and use a 2 ft. level to straighten the perimeter of
the layer.

9. Use a wooden float to pack the cement or mud. When dry, lay ceramic tile.