Shower Pan Installation

Shower Pan Installation

Shower pan installation is fun and exciting. Despite the hard work, once you are through and see the finished product of your hard labor, the rewards are definitely enticing. You will feel proud of your achievement.Here are the basic materials needed in your shower pan installation:

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• Shower pan – Your choice of shower pan should be the best quality within the range of your budget. It should be sturdy and leak proof. One way to test it is to hold it high above your head, using it as a shield against the sun or light. If it has a crack or hole, light will evidently show some lines or light will pass through that hole or crack.

• Cement and river sand – The cement and river sand should be enough to fill the area along with the shower pan.

• Grout or white cement – White cement is usually used in the traditional installation of any plumbing fixture such as water closet and lavatory. Modern times makes used of colored grout or cement paste to adapt to your rest rooms theme or design.

Steps in shower pan installation:

• Make sure that the area of your shower should at LEAST be given a six (6) inches clearance from the surrounding area such as the walls and flooring. This step permits the shower pan to be installed or settle with stability. Another secret is to make sure the floor for installation is rough so as to permit the concrete mix to adhesively settle on the floor.

• Pour some concrete mixture on the floor. Estimate your layer of concrete mixture poured. Don’t worry for a little extra concrete as it will flow to the side of the shower pan once installed.

• Install the shower pan gently on the concrete mix. Tamp the bottom part of the shower pan lightly. Make sure that the slope is towards the drain and that the shower pan is leveled on all sides or corners.

• Allow the concrete mixture at the basement to settle for a few minutes before filling the sides of the shower pan with concrete. A one (1) inch clearance over the lining of the shower pan should be permitted for the colored grout or white cement.

• Fill the lining of the shower pan with your desired colored grout or cement.