Shower Head Filter

Shower Head Filters

A great item to think about when remodeling an existing bathroom shower is a shower head filter. Depending on the quality of the water that is piped into the house, a shower head filter can either be a luxury or a veritable necessity. Either way, it is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to refresh a bathroom and give a little extra variety to the ordinary shower experience.
Aquasana is one company that specializes in shower water filter systems. The AQ-4100 shower head filter is made to remove impurities and rectify hard water situations. The filter membrane is specially made to remove 91 percent of chlorine treatment and is especially useful if anyone in the family has had problems with skin irritation or itchiness. The unit utilizes a two-stage filter system with replaceable filters which make changing them a breeze. At around $85 the first filter should last about 6 months and then there is also a current offer for discounts on replacement filters.
Fans of Bed Bath and Beyond might be interested in the hand held shower head filter from Culligan. At around $50 it delivers even stronger chlorine filter than the Aquasana model. The hand held design allows the head to be detached in order to reach all areas of the body. Hard water can produce scale and sulfur buildup on the shower wall and floor surfaces. A quality filtering unit will reduce the post-shower deposits and subsequently lead to a quicker shower cleanup process. The Culligan model has five different shower flow positions allowing for varying degrees of massaging water. This unit will work to filter up to 10,000 gallons of water before needing to have a filter cartridge replacement. There is also a five year warranty on the product.
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Sprite is a shower head water filter company that has a broad portfolio of products. For those who need a little stronger flow than the average shower delivers, there is the high output shower filter line. Tested at 600 PSI, the Sprite high flow model is the strongest filtering shower head system on the market today. The unit has a unique reversible filter which allows for a relatively longer lifespan and cleaner water. The reversible filter is rated to last for about a year before needing replacement. At under $40, the Sprite model is also one of the bargain choices. The High Output Filters come in various finishes from white to chrome to gold. There is also a special massaging version of the shower head.
Anyone looking to remodel a bathroom should check into the options for a water filtering shower head system. Not only will it provide a more relaxing environment, but it will help with health.