Shower Door Parts

Shower Door Parts

One of the most intimate and private rooms in a house — whether it is a mansion or just a one-bedroom unit – is the bathroom. It may not be accessible to the public but a moment a day is always spent in it. Since it is always used, it deserves to be adorned even with beautiful and sturdy shower door parts. The shower is simply enclosed with sliding glass doors that can be transparent or smoked. Glass doors may also be embellished with tinted leaves or frosted flowers. Such shower door parts may be available from the Gordon Glass Company.

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A complete ensemble of simple shower door parts can cost around $300. More elaborate ones can cost upwards of $350. Most often, these doors use sliding track and wall-to-upper track connectors, header connector and wall-to-glass brackets, stainless pulls and hinges. Glass doors for showers also need floor guides, screw covers, clamps, door hangers and roller stops.

Knowing the cost of installing an enclosed shower gives the owner an idea of how big a newly-renovated bathroom should be. One can also get a rough estimate of the total cost of renovating the bathroom, including the labor cost. A bigger bathroom space affords the option of having a tub that is separate from the shower. Likewise, clear glass gives the illusion of space. Dividing cabinets or storage space for bathroom linen can also double as doors or dividers. It can divide the bathroom between the shower and the toilet or the toilet and the tub. A beautifully designed bathroom can optimize the space allotted to it.