How to select the right color for your carpet


Carpeting is one of the most difficult aspect in decorating. You need to consider the style, the fiber, and most especially the color. Choosing the right color for your carpet is not an easy task. You need to visualize the color to be placed in the room. Customers is having a hard time sometimes because the color they like is not applicable to the room. The following tips will help you decide the right color of carpet for your home:

  • Use neutral colors as they always complement the walls and the floor. Bright colors in a large space is not advisable as it can be overpowering.
  • Look into the room where the carpet will be placed first before selecting a color.
  • Ask the salespersons for carpet samples that you like and take it home. Most retailers will provide you with a sample of the carpet. Place the sample on the floor for a day or two. That will provide you the opportunity to view the color in all types of lighting.

In general, do not rush in choosing a color for your carpet. Think about the trends and ensure that the color you will choose will still appeal for many years.

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