Secret Garden

Many homeowners appreciate the beauty of a well-trimmed and well maintained patio. If you are planning to re-decorate or change your patio then you can opt for a more modern look that chic and elegant. Instead of using the usual terracotta planters to beautify the courtyard, you can use steel or aluminum ones to create a modern look. Just imagine their shiny finish contrasting with the plant’s beautiful soft greens and the bright colors of blooming flowers. Another tip in creating an ultra-modern look is to lose the usual coffee table and chairs instead and get one of those L-shaped sauna-type wooden bench that are widely available in stores. This L-shaped sauna type furniture are installed atop a two-foot ledge with water flowing from three spouts from a side wall into a side pool which makes it look more sophisticated than the ordinary coffee table.

You can have a stone garden in the courtyard to complete the modern look.


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