Re-creating Paradise

Every homeowner would want to live in a beautiful home. And a home with a courtyard is not just beautiful but it is sophisticated and charming. So, if you want to re-create paradise in your home…create a courtyard!

Here are tips:

courtyard landscape design

The Entry- The entry and pathway through your courtyard should be alluring, drawing you and your guests into the outdoor living experience. Frame your courtyard entry using masonry walls or columns and iron fences complemented with large urns. Plant materials, such as ferns, in urns or large pots create a softened effect. Ornamental grasses and rose vines are excellent plant choices to provide color and texture.

Plant Material- The very fabric of your garden is plant material. Planting herbs makes your garden a comforting place to “live” outdoors. A fresh pinch of mint or the scent of rosemary in the air brings your garden alive. Incorporate blooming seasonal plants that attract butterflies and beautiful birds.


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