Rain Shower Heads

Rain Shower Heads

With the current economy that we are in, analyst have said over and over again that, this is a buyers’ market. Fixer ups are not for everyone but it is always a great route to buy a home at a cheaper price and then fix it to your liking. One of the places to turn into a retreat is the bathroom. A nice hot shower after a long stressful day is ideal. A good shower head with enough pressure makes the shower even much more enjoyable.
Different companies manufacture different rain shower heads, and they all vary in quality, size, shapes, sizes and definitely the prices. Consumer guide indicate that it’s a good idea to go for brands that provide both function and are equally beautiful.

One of the many brands is the Dornbracht RainSky E, which is built for large bathroom and measures about 32 inches wide. This shower head offers different sprays including body spray, head spray, and fine mist spray. If you do not have that much room to accommodate Dornbracht RainSky E, the company also has smaller sizes as well. These include Just Rain shower heads, for example, which comes with a price tag of about $2000 apiece.

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For brand that is good to the pocket, Kohler provides great rain shower heads without a huge price tag. Their products cost as low as approximately $340 per piece. One example is the water tile rain overhead shower panel. These shower heads takes on the shape of a tile and almost disappears into the wall. They provide both beauty and function.
Another brand that comes with an interesting twist, literally, is the Grohe freehander. These rain shower heads can be twisted and folded to from a double shower head into body-spray jets. They are very flexible and pivots ad rotates to one likes. At a mere 400 dollars apiece, they are also environmentally friendly because they contain water saving mode switch, which reduces the flow of water.
Another brad that rotates is the Lavaca Embrace Showerhead. This shower head also beds to suit the desired height and direction. Other brads that have different interesting shapes and structure which include Lacava Star-shaped showerhead. This showerhead does not provide any jets and costs approximately $ 770.
There are enough brands out there that work for every budget and size. Always consult with an associate at the hardware store before buying to make sure you get what specifically works for you