Preventive measures to protect children at home


Protecting your children is one of the major concerns of all parents. It is important parents to identify common dangers or risk that can harm their child, especially at home where they spend most of their time. Childproofing is essential to ensure your children’s safety. Below are preventive measures to keep your children away from harm at home.

Check all furniture and ensure that all are in place. Unbalanced furniture can fall and pin children. Bookcases, furniture, and entertainment centers must be secured as they might be tempted to climb.

Coin-sized batteries or materials are easily swallowed by children. Keep this out from kids and place this in an area that is unreachable for them.

Cabinets must always be locked. Sharp materials and cleaning products must be placed in a locked cabinet.

Keep cooking pans, pots and stove cover away from children. They might consider these things as toys.

Parents should evaluate all areas in the house to decrease the risk of accidents.


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