Potential Costs Involved in Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal Cost

Every year consumers spend thousands of dollars on landscaping in order to make their homes and property look neat and tidy. While trimming trees and laying turf are essential tasks, pulling tree stumps can raise the cost of landscaping immensely if not performed in the proper manner. In fact, different types of trees require different methods in order to adequately remove the stump without completely tearing up the ground around them.

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Essentially the main tool needed to pull a stump is some form of pulley system. These systems are availabe in various types, including vibratory and steady pull varieties. A cable or chain is also used to hold the stump while it is being pulled from the ground. Then, lifting stands and tripods are used to pull the chain, allowing the stump to be removed. Usually a soil saw is used in attempt to reduce the amount of force needed for stump removal. Sometimes, smaller pulley systems can be implemented in order to lower a customer’s tree stump removal cost.

Usually, stumps that have already been removed will incur a smaller tree stump removal cost. Simply paying a local company to haul the stump away or cut it up for fire wood are good options to remove stumps that have already been pulled from the ground. Personal tree stump removal would cost more, because individuals would have to purchase all of the necessary equipment.

In general, there are many factors to consider when estimating the cost of tree stump removal. However, companies usually charge around $100 for the first stump and around $25 or more for each subsequent stump. These estimates may change based on stump diameter, location, and the age of the stump. So, a small red oak stump would be cheaper to pull than a large pine stump.