Pillows for Side Sleepers

People may sleep on their sides because of comfort or for alleviation of health problems. Either way, a pillow designed specifically for side sleepers may be the answer including recommendations by a physician. Side pillows can be made out of several different materials and careful consideration as to allergies is warranted. Memory foam, latex, polyester, and feathers are just some of the substances used.

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Latex pillows for side sleepers generally can hold their shape better than down and are not as firm as microbead. For health conditions such as spine, neck , and shoulder pains, latex pillows can be extremely effective at relieving pain. There are many ergonomically shaped styles available to give your head and neck the most beneficial support.

Another one of the best pillows for side sleepers is made out of memory foam. They are easier to care for and may provide an above average effect for relief from pain. Memory foam is sensitive to temperature and will mold itself in the areas where the body makes contact to warm up or cool off, depending on the body temperature.

Mediflow pillows are filled with water and are adjustable. They can be experimented with to judge the right amount of firmness most comfortable for the preferences of the individual which makes it another one of the best pillows for side sleepers. Unlike the pillows made from memory foam, if your particular needs change, a Mediflow pillow can be modified easily. Several studies have shown them to be very effective at improving sleep quality and pain relief. In addition, they a have a longer durability than other types of pillows recommended for side sleeping which saves money in the long run.

These are just some of the kinds of pillows available and some research is advantageous to determine which type, style, and material is most suited for the user.