Pillows for Neck Pain

Ever heard of the saying, “Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?”. This could not be more true for people that have to deal with constant stress and daily pressure. Not getting a good night’s sleep will only make the next day harder for yourself and everyone around you. A big part to having a nice sleeping experience is the choice of pillows. A good pillow can be different for some people than others, so what matters most is what the body is comfortable with, but having a pillow that does not support the body can lead to unnecessary problems the next day.

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One benefactor of not sleeping with the right pillow is neck pain. Neck pain is caused by tilting the head while sleeping, rather than having the pillow keep the head straight and tension free. Finding decent pillows for neck pain can be challenging due to the fact that certain pillows work for certain individuals. Some pillows are made solely for preventing neck pain and other aches, but there are plenty of in-house solutions.

Using more than one pillow is a common strategy. Moving a pillow sideways has worked for some too. If all else fails, using other pillows for neck pain and ache alleviation will be the only option. The reason that pillows are so important for diminishing pain is because the body will not be forced to sleep in an awkward position. It is important that the head has proper support so that there is no added stress on other parts of the body. When that stress is added on, it equals pain and aches the next day.

More specifically, neck pain develops because the head tilts if there is too much or too little support from the pillow. Too little support from a flat pillow, or even no pillow will force the head down and out of line with the neck. Too much support will overdo it to the point that the head is tilted too far upwards, much like sleeping on a couch by resting the head on the arm rest.

Finding pillows for neck pain will all depend on sleeping habits and what works best for each specific case. Finding the right pillow is the difference toward having a relaxing day or a day filled with pain and irritability.