Personal Wet Bar Setup With Liquor Dispensers

barHome bars can be fun and when friends come over there’s always a bottle to open and drinks to be had. What if people could just pour themselves a drink without having to do even that? Intoxicating liquor-dispensers serve as good bartenders –they’re fun, interesting, compact and add zing to the party.

There are lots of liquor dispensers in the market and some of them really make you sit up.

The Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser is sure to pique your interest. It has a silver-plated body and a see-through plastic reservoir that allows you to find out how much of drink is still left. Just depress the handle and the liquid starts flowing out. Guests and friends can pour away and drink to their hearts content.

Stone Drink Dispenser

What if someone were to tell you that you can tap your favorite drink from a stone? This dispenser’s fitted into cobbled granite and a steel spigot with a lever fits right at the bottom. The liquor flows from the top through the spigot into your glass.

Globe liquor-dispenser

How creative can people get! If you want a drink from some part of the continent, use this one. A huge acrylic globe with a tiny tap below is held up by a metal holder and a stand. The globe is filled with drink and with a turn of the tap, you can pour yourself one from any part of the world. Perfect for a cocktail party.

Bonny-Boy Liquor-Dispenser

Inspired by the Manneken Pis fountain in Belgium, this one is cute and real fun. All you have to do is to fill the bottom container with whatever drink you want, press a button and hey presto! Your glass is filled in Manneken Pis style to the sound of flowing liquor. This one’s sure to adorn any home.

4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser

An aluminum frame with a sturdy case holds up to four bottles. This leak-proof spring-loaded dispenser pours the perfect 1.5 oz shoots every time—all you have to do is to push and pour. With four bottles of liquor, you can make the cocktail that you want.


What would you say to a radio-controlled robotic bar that serves chilled liquor with a six-bottle shot dispenser, a motorized ice mixer and a motorized beer elevator? With sounds and lights creating a bar-like effect, this liquor dispenser can prove to be a tad more intoxicating than the rest.

Chassis Bartender Robot

Use the headset and cordless phone transmitter, command the robot to give you a drink and direct it using the remote control. The drink is in your hands even before you move. A great favorite at parties.

Hospital Booze Liquor Dispenser

Hook a bottle filled with drink on to an IV stand, connect the tubing and pour yourself a drink—no saline this time but the real stuff that gives you a kick.

So liven up your party with liquor dispensers that are unique and interesting and provide all the pep required to make it a success.

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