Patio Designs: Traditional and Contemporary

Patio is derived from the Spanish word which simply means courtyard or forecourt in the English language. The courtyard is commonly in the form of a wooden deck or perhaps a paved side area. While for most modern-style homes a simple tiled space connecting two houses is more conventional. Normally, a patio is an extension of a house where the homeowner and the whole family can relax and can even host their parties in the patio and invite family and friends over. Having a patio at home is great because the whole household can refresh themselves, unwind and socialize there.

If you have kids at home the courtyard or patio can be a perfect place for them to play. You can design your courtyard according to the area’s size and the structure of your home. You can place a small fountain in the middle of the courtyard for a refreshing sight. Use plants that are easy to maintain. If you have kids, do not use plans and flowers that have thorns and strictly instruct your kids never to touch any plants in the area.


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