Outdoor Throw Pillows

Outdoor Throw Pillows

Outdoor throw pillows provide a striking and pleasant accent for outdoor furniture, and lend a bit of flavor and color to any window seat, patio chair, chaise longue, and patio chair or wicker furniture items. Contrasting colors and styles can add interest and flair to your garden furniture, and do not have to be expensive. Outdoor throw pillows are usually made from fabrics that are easy to dye and maintain their color over time, particularly acrylic, polyester, cotton and linen. Outdoor pillows make your outdoor furniture more comfortable, support your back, provide interest to your garden, and can be used for reclining anywhere, whether on the lawn or by the sea.
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You can purchase outdoor pillows in a wide range of sizes. The most conventional size of pillow is 20″ square. For smaller furniture, 18″ square pillows are popular; rectangular pillows are usually 22″ wide by 13″ high. Medallion throw pillows, which have a central ‘medallion’ and often corner tufts, are generally between 14 and 18 square inches in size, and can cost anything between $10 for a simple block color to $130 for a hand-stitched design. Round outdoor pillows are less common, but generally size between 18 and 22 square inches. Neckroll pillows are usually 6×12″ and cost around $20.

Sunbrella is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor throw pillows, offering pillows in a range of sizes to suit a variety of outdoor furniture. Frontgate are a major producer of fine artisan outdoor throw pillows, featuring distinctive patterns and pictures that are hand-painted onto the pillows. Potterybarn offers a range of outdoor pillows in bright and bold colors. The Home Depot, Target and Amazon also stock a wide variety of outdoor pillows in different shapes and sizes.

Solid block colors are a popular choice for outdoor throw pillows, providing a bright or bold accent for your outdoor furniture. Popular colors include capri blue, buttercup yellow, jockey red, natural white, tangerine, teal, cornsilk, brick, and forest green. For an individual and quirky look, buyers may choose stripe fabrics such as ‘Oasis’, a blend of Mediterranean blues and white, or ‘Salsa’, a funky mixture of Latino oranges, browns, yellows and ochres. Alternatively, you can choose a specialty weave fabric for your outdoor throw cushion, which range from the neutral to the vibrant. Dupione textures in colors such as scarlet and moss green are popular, as are contrasting spot patterns or textured natural weaves for a more authentic look. Many people choose monogrammed outdoor pillows, which feature a letter, word or name for a personalized touch. If you want a style that is different to the conventional block colors, you might choose pillows which feature images or patterns. You can purchase artisan throw pillows in pairs, which feature a bold image emblazoned across both pillows: these usually cost between $50-165.