Making a Courtyard Your Garden

A courtyard is not just a garden where plants and trees grow but it is somewhat a personal space where a homeowner can freely express his creativity and artistic side.

If you want to create a beautiful courtyard then read on to know more tips on how to re-create paradise in your courtyard:

courtyard landscape design

Define and Capture Your Space- After segmenting the courtyard to allow for unique areas of interest, you will be able to design each area of your courtyard, keeping your goals in mind, particularly creating a sense of intrigue and incorporating focal points.

Create Focal Points- When you are planning your courtyard garden, allow yourself to be a painter, the “hard scape” to be the canvas and the “soft scape” to be the paint. Reflect your personality with plenty of focal points. Explore and find the treasures you would like to feature in your garden, such as a beautiful sculpture, something special you have from your travels such as a piece of art, a romantic fountain or a unique bench.

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