Landscaping With Rocks

Landscaping with rocks can change the overall look and feel of your home backyard and front yard. When cleverly integrated into the landscape, rocks can impart unique and interesting contours. Most of the garden’s landscapes are mainly focused on flowers, plants, grass trough, trees and shrubs. The only elements that seem missing in this natural setup are stones and rocks. Therefore, whichever ideas you may select for landscaping do not forget landscaping with rocks gives your yard a whole new appeal with more rock solid natural look.

landscaping with rocks

Landscaping with rocks bring with many advantages when they are implemented as an element in landscaping. Some of the advantages are:

  • In landscaping large areas, rocks can be used to fill up empty spaces without compromising the natural look.
  • Rocks do not require watering, trimming or any type of maintenance like other elements of landscaping.
  • Rocks come in various types, shapes and sizes; they can fit at almost any space and theme you desire.

Rocks need to be cleverly integrated into the landscape depending upon their type, shape and size. Small stones easily integrate into mulch for weed control in the lawn, around the patios for water drainage and around the trees as attractive textural filling. On the other hand, the medium sized rocks can easily be from part of garden pathways and low lying border walls.

Flagstone, river rock and schist are popular for landscaping with rocks. Flagstone occurs flat in nature with distinctive shapes, which make them ideal for pathways, patios and cobblestone fountains. Schist occurs naturally in wide range of colors, which make them ideal for landscape design, wallscaping and stream rocks. River rocks have soft round edges and considered best for drainage pathways and water streams.

Japanese Zen garden is a typical example of rock landscaping that serves a practical purpose of meditation. Moreover, you can use river stones in combination with water to landscape your yard into a deep-forest theme, or use lava rock for a tropical theme. The landscaping with rocks can have unlimited ideas that are only limited by the landscaping area, your budget and imagination.

Have any landscaping with rocks ideas? Let’s hear them in the comment section below!

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