Landscaping Ideas for Spring

It is always so exciting for that spring season to start budding through. It is that time of the season when my landscaping ideas can start to come to life. This season I began thinking about how to incorporate natural surroundings in our property into the picture. Since we have a river beside the house my ideas went to rocks and water.

So the first landscaping ideas that came to mind were to improve our worn-out fire pit. 3 years ago we had bought some landscape material that didn’t hold up well within the heat. Therefore we already had a space for it but we needed to add the pizazz. My first thought was which i really like how deep our pit am I needed to maintain that the same. And so i decided that people would ring the pit with rocks pulled in the river. We took larger ones and dug them into the lower pit and took many encircled all of those other area. These were stabilized with the keeping the rocks together. It turned out beautifully.

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