Landscaping a courtyard

Let us admit it– not everyone has the skill and talent to create a beautiful courtyard. Many homeowners attempt to create a courtyard in their home and end up feeling miserable because at the end of the project they realized that they’ve lost money and effort to total waste. That is why it is important that you research and evaluate yourself if you are capable of creating a courtyard or not.

courtyard landscape design

Landscaping a courtyard is about “creating beauty in a small space” and this means that attention to detail is extremely important and every small element creates a big impact. An option is to include a platform that allows visitors to enter without awkwardly moving through the yard. This works especially when you want a lot of features and plants to show. When creating pathways, make sure they are not cluttered and that they show off specific features.

Due to space limitations, courtyards usually work better with smaller plants, although some people successfully incorporate larger plants. It is a good idea to grow many plants in smaller containers which ads dimension to the courtyard by utilizing colour, shapes, height and width

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