Is a Steam Shower Unit Right For Your Home?

Steam Shower Units

Many have enjoyed relaxing in a steam room at a health spa or gym. For good reason, some have found it so enjoyable, they want a steam room at home. Have you felt this way? If so, several questions naturally arise. What are the types of steam shower units available, and what are the potential costs? Are there health benefits that can justify the expense?

Let us explore the last question first. Steam rooms definitely offer some health benefits. One benefit is the rise in body temperature. This rise in body heat simulates a fever, which helps improve blood circulation, and boosts the immune system to fight off colds and other pathogens. The steam certainly loosens congestion and helps to relieve allergies. Some report that the steam loosens joints, relaxes tense muscles, and even burns calories.

You can choose between modular and built in steam shower units. A built in unit offers some distinct advantages to go along with likely higher costs. For example, you can produce a hotter steam with a built-in unit. The hotter steam allows you to utilize a larger space. You will also be able to add other customizations, such as dual seating, or special lighting fixtures. However, all of this will require more electricity usage, higher installation costs, and more expensive building materials.

As the name implies, modular steam shower units have everything you need for your steam shower included in one standalone piece. These units are usually made of acrylic, which keeps the costs down. Although there are many varieties out there from simple to more luxurious, you won’t have many other controls over the size and shape of what you purchase. You should be able to find units to meet your budget however. Be sure to investigate popular brands such as Kohler, Dreamline, and Ravenna. These manufacturers all have units priced anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000. With these prices, you can get your own steam shower at a price you can afford.